Taizhou Ocean World, located at northwest (No.38 Square Middle Road) of Citizen's Square in the downtown, is a large-scale ocean cultural theme park combined with ocean animals presentation, sea lion performance, education on popularity of science, leisure and entertainment, tourism and shopping. (There are two Ocean Worlds one of which is the small-scale Hangzhou Ocean World and the other is Taizhou Ocean World) Its height is the top in China and the scale is the largest in Zhejiang with investment of 120 million Yuan, total area of 15.5 mu, gross floor area of 10203 sq.m., water quantity of 5000 ton, ocean life of over 1000 species with quantity of over 10000. This project announced commencement on May 1, 2005.
    The Ocean World mainly presents the ocean life and rare freshwater life. It sets the Ocean Carnival, Tropical Rainforest Hall, Coral Reef Life Hall, Subsea Tunnel Hall, Ocean Flavor Hall, Ocean Science Classroom and Ocean Cinema etc.

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